The Tobacco

Tobacco cultivation and processing is a precise craft that demands physical, emotional and moral investment, as well as constant innovation, dedication, and attention. Cigars are known as one of the finest naturally grown products in the world. They require detailed attention and specific processing in order to reach their best. Optimal preparation for the fermentation process is developed through accurate sorting and stripping of the leaves. The key of preeminent processing is following proper classification with specific fermentation exhausted under intricate and individualized observation every day of the year.

We strongly believe that a combination of artisan feeling, accomplished through years of experience, and proper execution of the scientific process is the infallible formula for developing a leaf into a gem.



One of the three basic grades of filler tobacco. Ligero is the strongest variety (seco is the mildest, viso is stronger than seco but more mild than ligero.) Ligero lends body to a blend. The name means light in Spanish, and these leaves—which come from the top section of a tobacco plant—receive the most sunlight of any tobacco leaf. They are noticeably thicker than other leaves. Ligero grown in the Estelí region of Nicaragua is known for being one of the strongest varieties used in the cigar industry.


is the mildest grade of filler tobacco. It is also the thinnest. Viso is stronger and thicker, and ligero is the strongest, thickest grade of tobacco.


A grade of filler tobacco. Volado leaf is more powerful than seco and less powerful than ligero. It also tends to be thinner than ligero and more thick than seco. In some countries, this type of leaf is known as viso.