The Factory

For nearly thirty years La Palma free trade zone has been the home for Tabacalera Palma, one of the oldest tobacco companies in the Dominican Republic.

Established as the core of all of our operations, Tabacalera Palma’s factory is the home of a growing family that grows stronger every day and progresses through hard work.

A panel comprised of personnel with years of experience is entitled to the perfection of a traditional art.

Rollers, packaging personnel, supervisors, and countless other individuals compose the team that completes the extensive puzzle of cigar making in Tabacalera Palma, and each one of these members is equally responsible for executing their task.

After hundreds of hands have endeavored in the craft, every single cigar is subjected to a very personal quality control which guarantees our main focus: consistency.

Timing is essential, and aging a cigar until it’s prime is a fundamental aspect of securing the totality of its worthiness.