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Tabacalera Palma announces Corojo 99 Wrapper project in Ecuador

Here at Tabacalera Palma we pride ourselves in our use of superior tobacco; tobacco that has been meticulously observed and picked, from the germination of the seeds to the start of the picking of the leaves. The entire process is constantly under close supervision by our personnel, the same people responsible of delivering superior quality tobacco to our consumers.

Because of this, we decided to start planting and harvesting Corojo 99 Wrapper in El Cantón of Ecuador’s Guayas province. The province famous for its great environmental wealth and rich soils, will undoubtedly give our tobacco a unique quality; and without a doubt, our staff will receive the already superior tobacco and add yet another level of excellence with our traditional ways of fermenting tobacco that will make us very eager to this tobacco use in our blends.

The plantation will be watered with the nutrient rich waters of the Macul River; One of Ecuador’s most important bodies of water.

The project will cover an area of about twenty hectares (aprox. 20 thousand square meters) and will contain two curing barns with a curing capacity of four hectares per stroke (one stroke represents 30 days).

Our sowing schedule, beginning in April and ending in May goes as follows:  In April the seedbeds are prepared where two prunings will be carried out, the first one for the formation of roots and the second one for the strengthening of stems and roots. After 45 days they will be ready to transplant to the farms from where they will be fed with the necessary nutrients to obtain perfect leaves and be destined to the use of our cigars.

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